Thursday 7 July 2016

Preferred Book Format

So guys I recently run a poll on twitter (@__chloot) asking what format of books you guys prefer to read in. I didn't expect many people to vote as it is my new twitter so I don't have many followers. I however had 19 people voting showing results that most people preferred paperback books and hardback, ebook and the least preferred with no votes, audio books.

I actually thought the results were going to turn out to be in the order of:
  1. Hardback 
  2. Paperback
  3. Ebook
  4. Audio
So I was shocked to find that people preferred paperback over hardback.

If I were to have voted I would have definitely voted for paperback as I find hardback book kind of hard and uncomfortable to read. I wouldn't pick an audio book or ebook simply due to the fact that I would way way way prefer to have a physical book in my hands otherwise I feel a little lost. I like the whole experience of turning the pages and being able to flick through the book and what not without any hassle. But that's just me.

I want to know what your guys preferred method is and why. 
Vote below and leave your comments as to what and why you voted for what you did.

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  1. i love both paperback and hardback. paperback is cheaper and doesn't damage my bank acc as much, haha. but hardback's don't break as easily/often as paperback.
    although, in saying all this, i will sometimes read ebooks as they're more portable, and i can read them while standing in line or waiting for class to start without lugging a book around all day.

    1. I never really thought of the wearing of them but yeah that makes sense haha.
      Yeah ebooks are most definitely handy when it comes to travelling or just when you're out of the house. But I do most of my reading in the house anyway and personally feel a paperback is so much more comfortable.