Friday 7 October 2016

October TBR

This month I'm not expecting to read too many books. I usually read around 4/5 books a month now. However, I have started college late and am focused on catching up with that as it is a tim consuming course and just college in general drains me so I most deifnitely won't be reading too much. I do have Friday to Monday off though so I'm actually only in 3 days a week which is pretty awesome so I'm definitely going to try and do a little reading each weekend but definitely won't read as much as I have been.

Anyway I decided to do a short little October TBR jut in case any of you were interested. I've chosen 3 books I want to read this month one of which I am currently reading but am only 20% done with right now.

Sorry this isn't exactly an exciting TBR Pile or not really an exciting post but I feel I am going to be so busy within the next few months so definitely won't be reading as much as I would like. Plus I'm in a huge reading slump right now. i just don't know what I want to read but I hoping to get myself out of that this weekend.

If you have any tips to get out of a reading slump I'd love for you to share them with me.

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