Saturday 26 November 2016

October Book Haul

So I know this is a very late book haul I've just been so busy lately with college work and completely forgot to update my blog. Better late than never though!

Within the month of October I ended up accumulating 19 books. Which I'm actually very happy about as it seems I am starting to cut down a little each month now. 

This is a very late October book haul but nevertheless important right? I'm so psyched to have got the first harry potter book illustrated by Jim Kay. I always said I wouldn't read the HArry Potter books but how can I resist these beautys. Definitely not reading them until
they are all out though. I also have an ebook on here called 'First One Missing' that I have not read yet. I have a trilogy within this bunch of books as well as editions of shakespear that I've decide to collect (I have 5/6 right now).

I want to say a huge thank you to .... for sending me 'When the Floods Came'. Can't wait to delve into that soon.


  1. Hi it's Jess Thomas ur cousin from Aus u and Daniela are my cousins

    1. Hello Jess, can't believe you found my blog haha. Have a nice Christmas xxx