Thursday 9 February 2017

Monthly Haul : January 2017

Soooooo... Of course it has only been one month and already I've blown my 'Goal' for buying a maximum of 3 books. Guys I just can't help it, I actually think I need professional help. Only kidding but it is an addiction that I cannot shake. 

I have a heap of books to share with you guys that I accumulated throughout this month. A total of 31 books that I bought myself and also received from my boyfriend (only 3 of those 31 but what can ya do?).

I guess I'll start off by showcasing you the three books I received off my boyfriend for out anniversary. He picked out two of these books and I picked the final one. He's a keeper!!

I then bough the following four books simply because I thought they were adorable, and a good price may I add for what they are. I also have a nephew who is coming up 18 months and I would love to pass these down to him when I'm finished with them myself. 

The next 10 books are a collection I got for only £15 which I thought was pretty great and as a child I used to love Jacqueline Wilson so I thought why not get a set of her books and relive my childhood a little.

These next few are what I bought with a gift card I received off of my boyfriends mum for Christmas. (The bookmark is obviously not a book but I thought I'd include it anyway. 

This inidiual is a book i receved from Hodder & Stoughton, which I requested in order to give you my honest opinion. I am definitely looking forward to it as it kind of reminds me of a more detailed wordy 'Wreck This Journal'. 

And finally the rest of these books are just a few that I have been eyeing up recently for a number of different reasons. 

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