Saturday 15 July 2017

Clothes Haul • Summer 2017

I'm super excited about this post simply because it's something different to what I normally upload. I've been contemplating posting content like this for a while but was a little worried I wouldn't have much to talk about but I've decided to go for it. This won't exactly be a regular thing but might make it so I post something like this twice a month or so.

So lately I've been doing a lot of clothes shopping which isn't me at all. If you know me at all you would know how much I hate doing any sort of shopping regardless of what it's for. I don't mind online shopping but even then I only enjoy book shopping or stationary things so for me to have spent 4 hours shopping with my mum (who also hates shopping) and also do online shopping was super out of the ordinary. I have a few things to share with you guys, however not everything I bought is in this haul unfortunately. 


I love boohoo so so so much. I have ordered a lot of the clothes I own from this site simply because it's pretty cheap. Not everything is cheap of course but a lot of the stuff I like to get is at a good price. The only problem is, is that the cheapness in some of the clothes actually shows and the fitting isn't always the best. But the tops are usually pretty good.

1. Grace Slinky Deep Plundge Crop Khaki (£6.00   size 8)   :   I usually don't go for tops like this simply because the material isn't always the most flattering. Also due it the type of top (crop-top) it kind of makes it that much more unflattering. However I saw it on the model on the website and thought for the price why not. It came back and I was still a little unsure about it but then finally decided to keep it because I thought if I was ever going out on a night out it would look stunning with a pair of high waste jeans or a balck denim skirt and black belt.
2. Sara V Neck Basic Top Black (£6.00   size 8)   :  This top another crop top that's (as the name says it) very basic. I actually think this top looks really lovely on especially with a chocker and a necklace and a pair of high waisted jeans.
3. Jasmine Yellow Floral BodySuit Yellow (£8.00  size 8)   :   I absolutely adore this bodysuit. i usually don't go for printed tops especially not anything with colour in but I saw this and fell in love. When it came back I knew I had to keep it. The only problem with this is that it doesn't do up at the crotch which makes it difficult when wearing it out and going to the toilet.
4. Petite Mimi Basic V Neck Strappy Bodysuit Black/Merlot (£6.00  size 8)  :   I have this bodysuit in two colours and I really like it. It's a little bit loose near the breasts because of the materiel but that may also be due to me having smaller boobs than most.  Nevertheless I think it's a very nice materiel as it's comfy and fits nicely without it being tight.
5. Hannah Striped Jersey Shorts White (£8.00  size 8)  :   I love these shorts so much. I don't usually go for things like this simply because I don't feel they look very nice on me but I saw these and had to get them. I have to say they look super pretty and to be honest they are probably my favourite piece that I bought from boohoo.


Who doesn't love H&M I mean it's great clothing, stuff that is most defintely in style for affordable prices. I never used to be one for it but my friend started working there maybe 2 years ago? and she always used to wear clothes that were from there and from then on I fell in love. Definitely a great place to shop.

1. Playsuit Black (£12.99   size 8)   :   So when I went shopping with my mum I had a lot of things ready to try on and just as I was on the way to the changing room I spotted this. I fell in love let me tell you. It's so simple yet so cute and flattering. It fits nicely on my hips and waist and then the shoulder straps are adjustable so everything fits how you want it. Beautiful.
2. Crinkled Top Green (£9.99   size 8)   :  This top is super cute and when I saw it I knew I was going to love it. They also had this in black as well as white which I also tried on but the white was too transparent for my liking. Super cute for summer.
3. Crinkled Top Black  (£9.99  size 8)   :   I This top if of course the same as number 2 but in a different colour. If I ever pick up a top in a colour and they have it in black I will always get that too.
4. Crushed Velvet Strappy Top Pink (£9.99  size S)  :   I saw this top when I walked into the shop and instantly fell in love. I'm not much for pink things so for me to like this was just pretty amazing. I showed my mum and she hated it but when I tried it on it looked super cute. This is the type of top that could be dressed up for a night out or could be dressed down for a more casual look.
5. Crushed Velvet Strappy Top Navy (£9.99  size S)  :   I saw this after I saw the pink one and again though why the hell why not. This one, although looks amazing, is a little big on me. It is a small which usually the sizes in H&M are pretty good this definitely was not a small. I think I should have went with XS simply because it kept coming down near the cleavage area showing off my bra. Luckily I have bought some nice lace non padded bras from Primark which look amazing under it. 


I don't know a single person who doesn't love asos. It's probably one of my favourite places simply because you can find great styles for affordable prices but then there are also the more expensive stuff on there too. I sometimes even go on here to look at things that I like because I know it's most definitely in fashion and then when I'm out or online elsewhere I look for similar stuff for cheaper.

1. Pull&Bear Longline Denim Jacket Light Blue (£39.99   size S) :  Now this I love!!! I can't explain how much I love this one piece of clothing. I'm a pretty big lover of denim jackets but am super fussy with them so for me to have found this bought it and loved it is a huge thing for me. It's longer than a normal denim jacket which is what I love most about it and you can pretty much wear it with any top and any bottoms. I even wore this with a dress and it looked amazing. Can't praise it enough.
2. New Look Petite Cropped Jacket Camel  (£34.99   size 6)   :  I got this in a size 6 simply because I wanted it to be more fitted and I wanted the sleeves to be a little more up my wrist. I am so glad I did because it looks amazing. I first saw this when my mum bought it and I just had to have it. I found it in store in new look and never picked it up but when I saw it on asos when I was ordering I just decided to go for it. And boy am I glad I did.
3. ASOS Crop Top with Mirrored Chinoiserie Embroidery Light Grey (£12.00  size 8)   :  I love when I go onto ASOS tops and find something that I absolutely fall in love with. This top was one of them. I wore this the day after I got it with my denim jacket and a pair of black leggings and loved what it looked like. LOVE LOVE LOVE


Now I'm not one for matalan I have to say. But I went on there looking for some shoes and was pretty successful in what i found.

1. Slip on Canvas Pump Black (£10.00   size 5)   :  I've seen these a lot over the past 2 years or so and I used to hate them but now I love them. I think they look super cute with jeans/leggings and are so cheap. I've always had a problem with shoes because my feet are long and skinny. So these have never fitted me properly so I was sceptical when I ordered these. WHen they came back however they fit like a glove... almost. They are very comfortable to wear but are a little hard soled.
2. Slip On Pumps White (£10.00   size 5)   :  Again, same as number 1. They are great. This colour reminds me of nursing shoes but hey I think they look super nice.
Rose Gold Hoop Earrings (£9.99  One Size)   :   I saw this girl on youtube who was wearing hoop earrings like these and she explained that she had been obsessed with them. Now I do not ever wear earrings not even studs so for me to get these it took some debating. Of course I got them and I love them. They do look a little 'pikey' what we call it but I think for a night out they would look very nice.
High Heel Ankle Boots (£12.00  size 5)  :  I never ever ever wear high heels, not even when I got out out. But I saw these on sale and because they are skinny going up the ankle I decided to give it a shot (clearly I've been feeling doing stuff out of my comfort zone a lot lately haha). They came back and I am obsessed. They look super adorable, not sure what I would wear them with yet maybe a black denim skirt and a nice top who knows but I'm hoping to wear them very soon.

Finally here are some photos of me wearing a few of the items mentioned. I haven't included everything I have bought because I would be here for hours (which I have already) and I do want to get other things done today haha. I did buy a few other things from H&M as well as other items from Primark so maybe I'll do a part 2 who knows...

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