Sunday 23 July 2017

The Sunday Post #6

The Sunday Post is a 'meme' created by Kim over at caffinatedbookreviewer. I came across her blog a while back and absolutely fell in love with it so definitely go check it out. I decided that I would participate in this every week simply because it will help me not only keep track of my blog but also it will add more personal information about me for you. So without further ado, my Sunday Post.

This week hasn't been too bad, I had a nightmare on Wednesday and was stressed up to my eyeballs but that seemed to die down. I hate THIS time of the month for me I always feel agitated and gross and just not comfortable at all and it really winds me up. Talk about PMS haha! I did go out last night with my sister and had a few drinks which was nice. Feeling a little rough today but actually not too bad. Just need some food haaahaa.

I'd also love if you guys would go and vote on my make me read it readathon post. I've been waiting for months for this to be announced so I would really appreciate it. Also if you do have a spare 2 minutes if you could leave a comment telling me what book you picked and why. I'd love that!!!

Hope everyone's had a great week and have a fab week next week.

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Huge Thank You to Headline Eternal for sending me Wicked Grind by J.Kenner. Super excited for it!

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  1. Have a great week too! I'll go vote now :)

  2. Hope you have a wonderful week!!! Thanks for stopping by and visiting. :) I'm off to vote now.

    1. Thank you and yourself!! I appreciate that a lot :D

  3. You've read Obsidian! Absolutely loved that book. Jennifer L. Armentrout is one of my go-to authors for guilty reads.

    Anne @ The Reading life

    1. Yeah it was great I loved it. I've never read her work before but absolutely adored Obsidian!!

  4. The Widow and The child both sound pretty good. And I went over and voted- I am always a sucker for those bookish polls lol. Good luck with whichever one wins! :)

    1. I hope I enjoy them!! Thank you for voting and omg same I love book polls haha :)