Sunday 10 December 2017

The Sunday Post #19

The Sunday Post is a 'meme' created by Kim over at caffinatedbookreviewer. I came across her blog a while back and absolutely fell in love with it so definitely go check it out. I decided that I would participate in this every week simply because it will help me not only keep track of my blog but also it will add more personal information about me for you. So without further ado, my Sunday Post.

This week has been a crazy week with work. I've worked around 50 hours and was meant to go in today but it's actually been snowing where I live and so my team leader said there was no point me going in because the staff who had stayed up where I was supposed to go were snowed in so I guess that's great news for me. Today has been my first day off in two weeks. I also have tomorrow off which is great because I feel exhausted now that I'm not in work.

Me and my nephew have been out in the snow today and he's been absolutely loving it, but it's getting darker earlier now so I basically had to carry him inside because he didn't want to come in!!! I build him a little snowman which he was fascinated by because this is his first time seeing the snow. It's a beautiful thing seeing how excited he gets over it.

I haven't done a lot of reading the past two weeks because of work but am hoping to get some done tonight and tomorrow as I have the day off tomorrow too before starting another busy week.

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  1. Wow that's busy, hope you get a bit of a break now! And cute snowman pic! It snowed here too and everything is white now.

    I still haven't read Into the Water yet... *sigh*

    Have a great week ahead!

    1. I've had a nice two days off thankfully!! I will say the snow is an absolute nightmare :(

      You should definitely pick it up soon, I actually really enjoyed it.

      Thank You, you too!!!