How to write a book review

After reading through lots of book reviews and doing a little research on book reviews i finally came up with seven simple rules/steps to follow when writing a book review.

Rule one - Personal affect
Firstly, talk about your overall perspective on the book. Explain how it made you feel, did you like the book or not etc. It's also great to describe the feeling you got from the book in one word therefore showing you have put real thought into the book and it's affect on you.

Rule two - Point Of View (POV)
When you go onto talking about the book, an important part is who the point of view is coming from. For example is it multiple perspectives or just one person? Are they female or male? What age range are they? etc.

Rule three - The plot 
This can also tie in with rule two. This rule is simply giving a little insight to readers as to what the book is about.

Rule four - The setting 
Where does the story take place? Does it have a big impact on the story? 

Rule five - Character development
The way in which the characters develops is one of the main things I personally look for in books. This includes information on the characters and their personalities. explain if they seem to grow throughout the book, do any of them change?

Rule six - Writing quality
There are four main things I would look at when writing about the quality of the writing. These are
  • Coherence - does the writing make sense?
  • Clarity - Is it easy to understand?
  • Concise - Does it focus on just the necessary elements or are there other factors of which are talked about that are not particularly necessary?
  • Originality - Was the story original? 

Rule seven - Authors background (optional)
This particular rule is optional however can be great as it may change your perspective on what you have read. Getting a bit of knowledge about the authors background may give an insight as to where they got their story from. For example the author may be in a particular line of work such as high up in the health care work whereby the book may also be based around problems that the author knows about due to working in that line of work etc.


  1. These things can also be used when writing a book reports.

    1. Yes definitely!! I tend not to stick to this way of writing book reviews anymore I just let it all come out in whatever way I feel right haha.