Friday 7 July 2017

Monthly Wrap-Up + TBR : June/July 2017

So I have decided to put my Monthly Wrap-Up's and Monthly TBR's all into one post as i don't feel it's worth putting into two different posts simply because there's not a lot I'm sharing with you guys. Putting the content together just makes a lot more sense in my opinion (unless you read a ton of books in a month, which I certainly do not, unfortunately).

Monthly Wrap-Up  :  June 2017

I actually didn't get around to reading as many books as I would have liked in the month of June but still I read 4 books which I'm still very happy about of course. I have reviews for all books mentioned in this Wrap-Up on my blog if you are interested. 

All of these books above were rated either 3 stars or above which means overall I had a pretty good reading month in relation to 'good books'. I'm hoping to start reading more and more as the months pass by but no rush I guess. 

I'd love to hear off you guys what you read in the month of June!!

Monthly TBR : July 2017

Now I will say I am not a huge fan of TBR's simply because I never stick to them. That's usually because I end up not in the mood to read what I've put down, I've picked new books which I more excited about or simply because I'm in a reading slump. But I still like to do these posts because I feel a little more organised plus it's something I love watching on youtube and reading on blogs so I want to give that content to my readers who love it too.

I'd also love to know what books you're planning on reading this month. I have already started The Binding Song so hoping to finish that very soon!!

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