Monday 20 June 2016

Book Recommendations

Not going to lie guys but most of the books I'm about to recommend are probably ones you have already read or have most definitely heard about. If that is the case then I hope you had the same experience reading them as I did, but if not then I would definitely suggest you try them out, especially if you already own the book. All of these books are rated a 5 out of 5 stars on my goodreads page.

The first book is A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara. 
All i can say is, JUST READ IT! I mean it is an incredibly upsetting book and covers a lot of sensitive topics such as sexual, physical, emotional abuse, self harm, sexual orientation etc. However it is also a book about friendship and family and love. It's definitely a rolla coaster ride of emotions but it's definitely going to stay with me for a very long time!

Secondly, My Best Friend's Girl by Dorothy Koomson is most definitely one of my favourtie books of all time without a doubt.
I read this around 4 or 5 years ago (when I was 13/14) and could not put the book down. It was my friend ever adult book I'd ever read and i thoroughly enjoyed it. It's basically about two friend who had a falling out many years previous to when the book takes place and then the one friend (Kamryn) finds out that her friend who betrayed her all those years ago now has a request for Kamryn - For her to adopt her 5 year old daughter Tegan. 

This book focuses on family and friendship and portrays a great view of adoption and how mother and daughter bonding begins to form. It also has a slight bit of romance but is mainly all about the family coming together and overcoming the hurt and betrayal of what happened. 

I don't think anything I say about this book will ever truly show how good it is. It's stuck with me for all these years and my best friend also loves this book and so does my mum! I would really recommend this for anyone!

The third book I picked for you all is, Lighter Than My Shadow by Katie Green. 
This is a memoir in a form of a graphic novel about eating disorders. It was the first book I'd read about this particular topic and I actually really enjoyed it. The art work is so simple yet so stunning I found myself really looking at it whilst i was reading. It doesn't take long to read at all considering it is a 509 page book. But it literally took me two days to read and most people could probably finish it within a day. This book was extremely fast paced and incredibly insightful on ways in which eating disorders effects your life and others around you.
Warning - This book does touch on sexual abuse slightly

The fourth book I picked out was, Noughts & Crosses by Malorie Blackman. 
OMG, This book was fricking amazing guys. I love the whole Romeo and Juliet type feeling of this book. I love the characters and the story line and just everything about it. It even made me cry which is always a great thing to find in a book. 

It's about two main characters Callum (who is a nought - white who were once slaves to the blacks) and Sephy (who is a cross - black who once ruled the whites) and it basically follows these two characters and their secret friendship and focuses on the society they live in and how hard it is for them and how they disagree etc. 

But seriously guys if you haven't already definitely read this even if you don't think you would like it. It is actually so so so good. 

And finally, The Complete Maus.
This book I didn't really know what to expect because I really enjoy learning about stuff to do with WWII but I've never really enjoyed any books that are about historical fiction. However I did really enjoy this a great deal. I love the characters, I love how in depth the story was about the holocaust and what happened. It was just a very interesting read. 

If you don't know, this book is about Art (the author) interviewing his dad who was a survivor of the holocaust and him telling the story of what it was like back in the days of the holocaust. 

I thought it captured the description of what it was like perfectly. It was almost as if I was there myself, plus the art work was so unusual but absolutely fantastic. It was just an incredibly gripping book and think that anyone could enjoy this if they wanted to. 

- Let me know if you have read or are planning to read any of the books I have mentioned. Also what are your thoughts on what I have said, what other people say and your own thoughts (if you have read the book) .

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