Saturday 25 June 2016

DIY Bookmarks


So guys, after hunting and hunting on different websites for nice new bookmarks I decided to just give up and make my own. After looking for different designs and different ways to create my own bookmark I finally found a few on youtube and pinterest that I liked.

Youtube -

On youtube there were a few different ways in designing your own bookmark. However most of these consisted of watercolours. Fortunately for me I actually had water colours and decided to try it out. I made around 12 different ones leaving them overnight to dry but in the morning I honestly did not like the outcome of most of them. If I'm completely honest there were probably around 3 that I actually liked and they wasn't exactly anything I'd want to use.

However guys if you are good with watercolours and you want to try a bookmark DIY I would highly suggest looking on youtube and having a go. IT'S SO FUN!!!

Pinterest -

My Instagram 

If you follow me on Pinterest (Here I am) then you'd know that I have recently been pinning a few bookmark ideas of which I really would like to recreate myself. From this I decided to recreate a tassel bookmark. Mine turned out okay I guess, I only made two but I know I will definitely use them. In fact I already replaced my current bookmark with one of them already. 

- Image from my instagram -

- I'm thinking of making more but I'm finding it hard to find ideas that I like. If you have any suggestaions let me know in the comments

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