Monday 27 June 2016

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes - Book Review

Me Before You - Jojo Moyes  


I always feel like whenever I do a review I never know what to say. It's so hard to gather your thoughts when a book is so great you know what I mean? Maybe that's just me haha (probably).

This book was so original in my eyes. I loved the whole story line of Will who's desiabled and Louisa who becomes his carer. I thought it was unlike any other romance novel but not just that it had all the feels. 

I tried reading this a long time ago but couldn't get into it and then I heard it was becomming a movie and decided now was the time to try again. So i did just that and boy am I glad I did. I found myself laughing and crying throughout this book. 

It is written through the perspective of Louisa for the most part however there are multiple perspecitves throughout the novel. I personally am a fan of multiple perspectives and I really enjoyed really not just Louisa's point on things but other characters within the story. 

If I'm honest, all the characters in this book I adored. I loved Lou, I loved Lou's family, I loved Will's mum and dad and sister. I also really loved some of the even more minor characters. However Will was definitely my favourtie character throughout the whole book. I found myself laughing a lot at the different things he says and I just thought he was the strongest character throughout it all.

If you have not yet read this book I highly suggest you do I mean it was absolutely fantastic. Jojo Moyes never fails to impress me with her writing and plot. This book made me cry so much but yet also laugh and overall was just a really enjoyable read. 


 - If you have read this book let me know what you thought of it and if you've seen the movie?


  1. Hey Chlo :)

    I loved this book too! It was so amazing!
    The movie is coming out soon and I CANNOT wait! So excited..

    1. Hello :)

      It's such a great story isn't it. I really enjoyed it!
      The movie is already out where I live but still haven't gotten around to seeing it but definitely want to soon.