Saturday 4 June 2016

My June TBR

As I have put off reading for the past few months, it's fair to say I am in a huge reading slump and considering my goal on goodreads is to read 32 books this year and I have only read 7 shows how much i'm slacking (6 book behind schedule guys!!!!!!). Therefore what better way to get out of a reading slump that to actually plan my monthly TBR.

I have decided to include three books in this months TBR pile however I don't know how far I will get with these as I am still in college for a a few more weeks also because I'm just getting out of a huge reading slump.

Firstly, the book I am currently reading (and have been for months haha) is called More than this - by Patrick Ness. I am hoping to finish this book this weekend and have a review up sometime next week. This book can then help accumulate for this months TBR challenge.

However the three books I would like to share with you are in no particular order of reading and are three very different types of books.

One of the books I plan on reading is:

I read the first book to this a very long time ago and thoroughly enjoyed it more than I eve expected to. Considering I only used to read contemporary romance books starting this trilogy made me jump out of my comfort zone and really try something new and who would of ever thought I would read a dystopia, not me for sure! Really want to jump into this book soon.

Another book I plan on reading this month is:

I really love Rainbow Rowell's writing and the characters she build throughout her stories. Elenor and Park is one of my all time favourtie books by far. I can't wait to read another of her amazing stories.

And finally the final book I plan on reading sometime this month is:

I heard a lot about this book on booktube last year and decided to buy it but have never gotten around to actually reading it. I did try picking it up one day but only got a few pages in and gave up (was in a HUGE reading slump). Nevertheless, I'm hoping for great things from this book and need to read it soon in order to watch the movie!

 - Although I have heard great things about these books, I'd still love to hear your views and opinions if you have read any of them by getting in touch in the comments box or contacting me directly through social media (all links are in the contact page).

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