Sunday 5 June 2016

More Than This by Patrick Ness - Book Review

I enjoyed this book a great deal and thought that it overall was an interesting read, however extremely weird.

The book is written in third person which I don't particularly love as I enjoy first person books more however I thought the way this was written and created was great. It revolves around the main character, Seth, and him adapting to his 'after death experience' as such.

The book is hard to describe without giving spoilers but however, it takes place in England whereby you get the affect of the surroundings not being the greatest.

There are a few characters in this book of which I really enjoyed reading. Seth's character showed a lot of development as he grows to learn more about his life, as do some of the other characters in this book.

The overall writing style was actually kind of difficult to follow in a way of I didn't really understand the story at first and it kept making me second guess things. However as I continued reading I realized that, that is the point of the book and there are no real answers to any of the major questions of the plot. I personally think the story was concise and was unlike any other story I had read before therefore I think Patrick Ness did a great job with the originality of this book!!!

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