Monday 29 August 2016

Bout of Books Readathon Wrap-Up

  The Bout of Books Readathon ended yesterday so I decided to share will you guys the books I read throughout the week. I set myself a TBR of 5 books for this readathon that you can find HERE if you are interested. I didn't think by any means I would finish 5 books simply because I'm not a fast reader. However I did want to finish around 3 books which I actually did accomplish.

In order, the books I read last week :

1. The Marvels 
2. Death Note vol. 2 
3. Brokeback Mountain


Unfortunately these books were the only books I read last week which I am a little gutted about not going to lie simply because, well I mean The Marvels wasn't a great book anyway plus it's a children's read and the other two are so short which kinda means I didn't really read all that much. I did finish these books Thursday night but didn't pick up a book until Friday evening and it's actually my current read now (Check out my goodreads to see what I'm reading HERE). 

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