Friday 20 January 2017

Holding Up The Universe by Jennifer Niven : Book Review

Title  :  Holding Up The Universe

Author  :  Jennifer Niven

Length  :  388 Pages

Format  :  Paperback

Rating  :  ★

Hotness :  N/A

This was such a bad read for me I mean it was just borrrrring. I'm sorry for anyone who liked this book but it did absolutely nothing for me and it's a shame because I loved Niven's first novel, but this? no thanks.

So this book is about a boy naked Jack and a girl named Libby. Libbys overweight and Jack has problem where he doesn't recognize people (a.k.a he's 'face blind'). Both meet in awkward circumstances and everything progresses from there.

This book deals with bullies and strength and courage and love and hate and jealously and a bunch of other things that you'd usually see in a book based in high school. Unfortunately this particular book just didn't work for me. The story made sense and everything ran very smoothly as each page went but nothing REALLY happened in this book. 

The characters were also a bit of a bummer for me, they were different sure but none of them had real special characteristics that stood out to me. I just felt like they were boring characters in a boring setting. 

However, this book was a cute and fluffy read if that's what you're looking for but don't expect to pick this up thinking a lot is going to happen because believe me there isn't. I will say that I did think right towards the end of the book there was something that happened which I kind of liked but other than that it was a cliche teenage love story. 

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