Monday 7 August 2017

Authors I Want To Read From

I love reading from new authors and I'm doing it all the time. However there are still a few authors that are loved and hyped who I really want to read from. I most likely haven't gotten around to them either because I haven't been in the mood to read the genre they write or it plain and simple, I'm intimidated by the books they write. I still definitely want to get around to a few of these authors this year so hopefully that'll happen. So here are the authors I want to read from that I haven't already...

12. Charlotte Bronte     Charlotte Bronte was a British writer and was the eldest out of three of the Bronte sisters whos novels have all become something incredible within English Literature. She is most famous for her novel Jane Eyre (in my opinion) as well as writing other extremely successful books such as Villette and The Professor.

11. Ellen Hopkins    
   Hopkins is a New York Times Best Selling Author of many books including Crack, Impulse and Tricks. I have wanted to read from her for years but haven't ever gotten around to it. I do own two books of hers though one being Identical and the other being Tricks. 

10. Jane Austen    
   Jane Austen is hugely loved all around the world. She has many very popular books which I personally find it hard to pick which I think is the most well liked and known. If I had to pick I would most likely pick Pride and Prejudice. Her other books also very well known include; Sense and Sensibility, Emma, Persuasion, Mansfield Park and Northanger Abbey.

9. James Patterson  

Patterson is not someone I see a lot of but I know is well liked by many people. I have a huge pile of his books that I had secondhand from my neighbour of his which I really want to get to soon.

8. Rae Carson    
   Rae Carson I've heard soooo many great things about and is especially known for her The Gold Seers Triology. However this is not the series I'm most excited to read. After watching Regans youtube channel I know how obsessed she is with the triology 'Fire and Thorns'.

7. Melissa Landers
After reading Lux 1+2 I want to read something that is kind of similar. I have heard that the alienated series by Landers is meant to be similar which I definitely am interested in.

6. Alexandra Bracken

 I know Bracken from her very famous series The Darkest Minds. A lot of people love this series which is what has got me interested in it. I would love to try something of hers and will probably start with this series. I know a lot of people also love Passenger by her but it doesn't sound like something I would enjoy.

5. Anna Todd

  Anna Todd is another I really cannot wait to read from. I am desperate to get the After series by her. I know it's a pretty old series but I really want to dive in head first with this series. I'm not aware of any of her other books either unfortunately but definitely am hoping for good this from this series.

4. Rick Riordan

Of course I have to include Rick Riordan within this as I have no yet read a single thing from him yet all I ever hear is great things. I'm not sure what series I would even want to start with if I'm totally honest but I know he's very famous for writing Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief series as well as The Heros of Olympus series. Let me know what your favourite is in the comments?

3. Patrick Rothfuss
    Finally onto my top 3 authors I want to read from. Rothfuss isn't someone I hear a lot about but I know he's very popular escpially for his book 'The name of the Wind' which is the first book in his The Kingkiller Chronicle series. I actaully own this book and cannot wait to delve in to in I am expecting some outstanding work from him so fingers crossed.

2. J. K. Rowling / Robert Galbraith

  Yes J. K. Rowling is on this list which yes means I have not read the HP series. I know, horrific right? I am going to read them soon but I kind of want most of the Jim Kay illistrated version to be out before I dive into this series because I want the best possible expereince reading these. I also want to read her series that she has (printer in her other name) The Cuckoos Calling. I already own this book but haven't felt like reading it yet but hopefully soon I will.

1. Stephen King

  And last but not least, my number one author I want to read from very very very soon is Stephen King. The one and only right? I can't even explain my excitment for wanting to read one of his books. I was planning on picking up the new IT but was a little intimidated by it's over 1000 pages aspect haaha. I do own one of his books 'Carrie' which is a short book so I'm hoping to get around to that and see how I like that. I would love if any of you guys have any recommendations for Kings books because he's the one I'm most excited about and I just don't have a clue where to start.

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