Thursday 2 November 2017

Monthly Wrap-Up and TBR • October/Novemeber 2017

So I have decided to put my Monthly Wrap-Up's and Monthly TBR's all into one post as i don't feel it's worth putting into two different posts simply because there's not a lot I'm sharing with you guys. Putting the content together just makes a lot more sense in my opinion (unless you read a ton of books in a month, which I certainly do not, unfortunately).

Monthly Wrap-Up  :  October 2017

SO this month is th month I've been really getting back into my reading which is always nice right? I have read quite a few books which I'm surprised about because I don't usually read a lot of books within a month, I'm usually lucky to read 3 books. But this month I managed to complete 6 books which is amazing for me and I'm so happy about it.

I started by reading that fourth book in the Lux series. I then went onto reading The Widow followed by Carrie, The Couple Next Door and The Wide Window. Finally finishing on Lies.

This month was actually a super exciting reading month becasue I enjoyed pretty much all the books I read. I especially enjoyed Carrie and The Widow. They were my two favourite books of the month. The only book I didn't really enjoy too much was The Wide Window which a review for it will be coming soon. 

I hope I continue reading this well throughout November!!

Monthly TBR : August 2017
Again I am going to say, I am not a huge fan of TBR's because I tend to not stick to them as I am a mood reader. However I kind of know what books I want to be getting around to soon so I will add them on this list but I am so not expecting to read them all this month. 

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