Sunday 12 November 2017

The Sunday Post #15

The Sunday Post is a 'meme' created by Kim over at caffinatedbookreviewer. I came across her blog a while back and absolutely fell in love with it so definitely go check it out. I decided that I would participate in this every week simply because it will help me not only keep track of my blog but also it will add more personal information about me for you. So without further ado, my Sunday Post.

These weeks are flying by sometimes I find it hard to keep up. I've been trying to read a lot more recently as I'm enjoying picking up new books and am loving the mystery/thriller genre at the moment (which is my favourite anyway). I try to venture out and try other genres that I usually wouldn't such as fantasy and Erotica etc. but always find myself heading back to devour thriller/mystery books. My week has been a little bit of a nightmare with work if I'm completely honest. It's become very stressful and it's not the job itself it's the communication within the company. I know I should never speak poorly about any company I work for and honestly they are all great but unfortunately I do not see myself fitting into the way in which they handle things. The lack of communication between all the different staff is way too stressful and twice this week I have found myself crying due to feel so unsettled with my job. But hey, it happens, you win some you lose some right?

Hope your week has been better than mine!!

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