Saturday 11 November 2017

Book Series' I Need to Finish

For the longest time I was never that into reading any type of series' whether it be a duology or triology or a full blown series, I just wasn't interested. As I became more involved with the book community online with you guys as book bloggers/readers/booktubers etc, I began to expand my reading 'limits' I guess. Long story short I began to find out there was more to books than just reading a standalone and being done with it and the past year or two I have tried to start various series'.  There are definitely some I will not be continuing with but that's for another post another day. Today I am focusing on books I've started the series in one way or another...

These are the six series' I need to catch up with. I have the last book in the Shatter Me series to read. I tried reading ACOMAF but couldn't get into it unfortunately so will definitely need to try again soon. I read YOU and absolutely loved it and will definitely be reading the squeal soon. As for the Lux series I have read the first 4 books and have the final book to read. Saga is one of my favourite graphic novels however I have only read the first volume. I own volumes 1 - 7 but have not yet continued with them. I am planning on re-reading volume 1 and then reading the rest in a little marathon maybe around Christmas time or New Years. Finally, the DI Helen Grace series has a total of 7 books and I have read the first 5. I own the 6th which I am planning on reading before Christmas and I am hoping to actually receive the 7th for Christmas. 

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