Wednesday 6 December 2017

The Woman In Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware

Title  :  The Woman In Cabin 10

Author  :  Ruth Ware

Format  :  Hardback

Length  :  352 Pages

Rating  :  ★ ★ ★
This was meant to be the perfect trip.
The Northern Lights. A luxury press launch on a boutique cruise ship.
A chance for travel journalist Lo Blackwood to recover from a traumatic break-in that has left her on the verge of collapse, and to work out what she wants from her relationship.
Except things don’t go as planned.
Woken in the night by screams, Lo rushes to her window to see a body thrown overboard from the next door cabin. But the records show that no-one ever checked into that cabin, and no passengers are missing from the boat.
Exhausted, emotional and increasingly desperate, Lo has to face the fact that her sleep problems might be driving her mad or she is trapped on a boat with a murderer – and she is the sole witness...  
This book was a weird one. I liked it but hated it at the same time. I was never loving it if I'm compltely honest it was super slow at the beginning and then I felt the ending happened all of a sudden and it kind of made me feel like it was rushed. I don't know maybe that's just me?

So this book is about a woman named Lo who works as a travel journalist. She has been wanting a promotion for many years but never seems to get the chance, but now she does. She is offered to board the luxurious cruise ship with other journalists and photographers which may be the big break she needs for her career to move on and up. However when she is aboard the ships things begin to get a little creepy as one night she awakes by what she thinks is someone being murdered next door. Lo has to get to the bottom of this but no-one believes her, I mean would you?

This story definitely has the potential there to be a fantastic 5 star book, and I honestly did enjoy the different characters encountered throughout. However I found our main character Lo to be a little whinny and dull sometimes. I also felt the author seemed to repeat a few things over and over which also kind of annoyed me. I didn't really get into this book properly until at least halfway through which bothers me a great deal. I partly think that was because the way it read seemed almost formal in a lot of bits making it a lot harder to get into.

On the other hand, I enjoyed the roller coaster of suspense and actually really liked the added details of the emails and reports at the end of each 'Part'. I will say I kind of suspected who it was from the get go but then was kind of shocked again after.

I do believe this book has great elements to it and I will definitely be giving Ruth Ware another go. I have her other book, In a dark dark wood so maybe I will try that one soon. Would love to know your thoughts if you've read this book or her other book I just mentioned...

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