Thursday 11 August 2016

Book Travelling Thursdays #7

This weeks BTT topic is 'Pick a book you think every book lover should read'. This topic is in celebration of the National Book lovers Day that was on the 9th August (2 days ago).

For this topic I had to do a little thinking as to what I was going to chose simply because there were a small amount of which I think people should read for various different reasons. However I came to a conclusion which a lot of people have been having the same thoughts on which are similar to my own making me feel this book was worthy of this particular place.

A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara -

This book is so great yet super complex. The variety of different characters and the different elements of which are talked about within this book are so important and I think Hanya is a very brave woman for writing this absolutely fantastic and heartbreaking novel. I seriously feel like everyone should read this book simply because of the importance of family and friendship, loneliness and the different types of abuse that is portrayed throughout this novel as well as many other important elements.


This book cover is the original cover which I used to really find ugly but now after reading the book I actually find it quite suiting and actually really like it. It's simple and it tells you a lot about the book without even having to read the synopsis. All you need to know is this book is the most upsetting book and the cover portrays that beautifully.

Favourite Cover

Need I say more about the original cover? The white cover however is the edition I currently own. It actually quite eye catching and cleverly put together I think. I'm pretty sure this is the UK edition but I'm not entirely sure on that so don't quote me but I do really like this cover and it's even more stunning in person. However my all time favourtie after reading it has to be hands down the original cover.

Least Favourite

This cover is the Polish cover and although it's not the worst cover ever it's the least favourtie out of the three covers I could find for this book. I think there is way too much going on in this and I like covers made simple and this although at first glance screams simple it is actually pretty complex which just hurts my head to look at.


  1. I live this book. I also did a BTT post about it,back when the topic was friendship.

    1. It's an amazing read isn't it. Yeah friendship is probably one if the stronger aspects of this book. I love it so much!