Wednesday 10 August 2016

Top 5 Wednesday #8

This weeks topic for the Top 5 Wednesday post is 'Authors you are waiting on another book from'. For this I decided manily pick authors that I would like to see more from after recently reading a book I enjoyed or found interesting rather than a book i'm waiting to be released simply because I don't usually follow what books are coming out at what dates.

Gillian Flynn -  

After reading The Grownup recently I almost forgot how much I actually love her writing. I want to see more work from her and read more from her. However I haven't yet read Gone Girl and because I haven't seen the film either that is a book that is definitely on my wishlist.

Iain Reid -

I chose this author after reading I'm Thinking of Ending Things by him and although I didn't exactly love it I still found it interesting and would love to see more work from him to see if I could become more into his wiritng and story ideas. (He has other books but I would like to read another new book).

Nicola Yoon -

Everything, Everything was such a great read for me. I thought it was clever and just a super easy and fun read. I loved the concept and the characters within this debut novel and really can't wait to read more from this woman.

M. J. Arlidge -

Okay, so this man is one of my favourtie authors by far and this is the only person in this list that I am actually waiting for a realse of a book from. I am currenly reaing Liar Liar by him which is his fourth book in the DI Helen Grace series and I have the fifth books waiting for me on my shelf. However the sixth book in this serie is due to be realeased 8th September 2016 in the UK which I am super excited for.

John Green -

Although I haven't actually read all of Greens work I would love to see more new stuff from him. I have read 5 books by him and thoroughly enjoyed pretty much all of them (The Fault In Our Stars | An abundance of Katherines | Paper Towns | Looking for Alaska | Will Grayson WIll Grayson).  His writing is super easy to follow and get through. I love his style and his stories. He is definitely another of my favourite authors.


  1. The only author on your list that I've actually read is John Green, and so I definitely need to look up all the others you mentioned ASAP. I've heard such great things about Everything, Everything that I definitely think it needs be on my TBR list for next month. Great choices!

    1. Thank you! If you like John Green definitely give Nicola Yoons everything everything a go because it's that contemporary type read! The others are all more mystery/thriller type books which if you're interested definitely check the authors out that I've mentioned because you won't regret it!!

  2. Oh I would love more from Gillian Flynn although I still need to read The Grown Up. I am so excited for Nicola Yoon's latest. I could definitely be up for more John Green. Great list!!

    1. The Grownup is definitely an easy fun read. Not her best by any means but what can you expect from so little pages but honestly worth the read. I didn't even know she was coming out with a new book but I found it and it sounds amazing omg!!

      Thank you x