Thursday 25 August 2016


Hi guys, This is just a quick post to let you know that I bookish friends. I AM LONELY!!!

Haha, but seriously I don't have many people in my life who enjoy reading books which is a shame because books are a huge part of me and I always want to share my thoughts of certain books and find new books and even now and again read books along with other people. Book clubs are great don't get me wrong but I'm more the type to talk about a books with a small groups of people instead of huge discussions with many others.

Basically this post is about us all connecting and if you would like someone to talk to about books or fancy a readalong with me or whatever then please do contact me here an give me an email.

It may be a little weird just emailing some random person saying 'hey yeah I saw your post lets be friends' but honestly nothing would make me so much happier and I really want to connect with people out there who are just like me and love books as much as I do!!!

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