Tuesday 23 May 2017

Exit, Pursed by a Bear by E. K. Johnston : Book Review

Title  :  Exit, Pursed by a Bear

Author  :  E. K. Johnston

Format  :  Paperback

Length  :  248 Pages

Rating  :  ★ ★

This book follows Hermione who is the captain of a cheerleading team in Palermo Heights. Every year Hermione attends camp and this year is her last year. But when everything turns black she ends up living a nightmare she feels isn't her own. 

This book wasn't that great for me. I think the idea was great but it didn't pull through in this particular book. I didn't feel like I was connected to any of the characters as such and personally there was a little too much about cheerleading within this book rather than what actually happened to our main character. Hermione was sexually assaulted which is what this book is supposed to be about (this happens really early on in the book so this isn't a spoiler), however I think the book was more driven by the knowledge of cheerleading than the event that took place.
There were a few things I enjoyed such as the way Hermione dealt with it. She had an interesting view on relating the assault with herself which really made me think. I'm not sure how realistic this would be but I think it makes sense.

I wouldn't recommend this book if you can't deal with reading about sexual assault. It's not particularly graphic but it's obviously meant to be the main premise of the story.

I really wanted to love this book but unfortunately it just didn't click with me which is a shame as I have been waiting to get my hands on it for months.

Let me know if you e read this book and whether you enjoyed it or not, I'm curious to know what other people think.

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